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Mukoya Timothy


Love movies , making friends Follow back addict 🥳

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You can't have a testimony without problems because life is made for a testimony and testimony wouldn't have come without problems. So problems still remains an open door to a beautiful life, where we will share our testimonies as life is made for testimony.

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You can't have a beautiful marriage by playing wise all the time but rather wise people sometimes act foolishly to gain the things that will make their relationship a beautiful marriage because the purpose of the marriage is to be beautiful.

Olá pessoal!! sou nova aqui, então não sei mexer muito bem mas logo irei saber kkk como vcs estão?

Since I mistakenly touch my neighbor's daughter
breast she has been licking and sucking her fingers whenever she sees me 😒 I'm confused

Life is not merited rather a gift from God and no one have right to make it hard, it need to be shared and curiosity kept alive.

We are starting the recruitment process for the Tema Oil Terminal, TOT.  All the vacancies are posted on

Please forward to people in your network who might be a good fit. 

The application deadline is 22 November, 2021

😭 just found out my Mom is my Dad’s Wife and she never told me all this years, what should I do??