Bishop Washburne
3 days ago

Bishop Washburne


A therapist and philanthropist. We did like to help you on emotional issues, we take it direct into our heart❤️

Our emotional pains increases when we begin to cast blame to ourselves with series of unanswerable questions, forgotten that people who comforted us did act of experience, meaning that one day we shall be free and then become a comforter to many.

You can't have a beautiful marriage by playing wise all the time but rather wise people sometimes act foolishly to gain the things that will make their relationship a beautiful marriage because the purpose of the marriage is to be beautiful.

You can't have a testimony without problems because life is made for a testimony and testimony wouldn't have come without problems. So problems still remains an open door to a beautiful life, where we will share our testimonies as life is made for testimony.

Ignoring some issues doesn't make you a fool or a coward rather a sign of proudness of whom you are that you can't be foolish.

Listen, you must learn how to ignore some certain things in your life so that you can move on with your life.

Thinking about money all the time can equally thrown you into the darkest part of life where you will sit , assume and live in a daydream of peace and freedom.

In the pursuit of wealth the mindset of money is completely wrong because our riches is measured by the level of our happiness and how contented we are.

Reasonability is more important in life than any other thing else because that's where the healing procedure of survival of life and it's wealth begins.

you ought not to be bothering your self about your past anymore because is going to throw you into a mysterious world of bondage where you can not be able to work on your present day and make tomorrow beautiful.

Life is not merited rather a gift from God and no one have right to make it hard, it need to be shared and curiosity kept alive.

Life is made to be live in giving other people's life a good meaning. This is the meaning and purpose of life the whole aim and end of human existence.

People who have been single for too long are the hardest to love because they have become so used to being single, independent and self sufficient that it take something extra ordinary to convince them that they need you in their life

Trials shouldn't be considered as a curse but must be acknowledged and understood as a step to the next level of life where we will sit, adorned and then tell our life story skillfully like a tale.