smb_twist Official @Smb_Twist
1 month ago
On My Wedding Day
No Ghana Card No Food
I Cant Feed Unknown Citizens😁
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Richard Ezekiel Biney @Biney79
2 months ago
When Satan becomes fashion designer, wedding gowns had enough materials to cover the ground but not enough to cover the breast.

Life! 🤔
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kavita Singh @mymoledroo
2 months ago
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smb_twist Official @Smb_Twist
3 months ago
If you slap me, Push me, or Beat me I will forgive you, But if you Jump me while Sharing Rice in a Wedding or Party..
We Die There ooo Because I hate Nonsense🤨🤣🤣
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smb_twist Official @Smb_Twist
3 months ago
Stop Smoking Weed at Weddings, Someone Just Asked Me If The Body Has Arrived.
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smb_twist Official @Smb_Twist
3 months ago
I saw a lady wearing a wedding ring on the wrong finger... When I asked why? She said she married the wrong man.🤣
This life no balance😄
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Nana Ayirebi @Nana__Ayirebi
3 months ago
Friday night
people are preparing to go
Watch night
Visit their bf for the weekend
Funeral ⚰️
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