What is a Buzz?

A buzz is a post created by users,either an image,text or video

How to delete a buzz

After creating the Buzz,click the arrow down button and select delete thread

What a beatus is

A beatus is simply a Buzz status. It is deleted after 24 hours.

How to get more followers

Just keep engaging on Buzz Chat.Create more Buzzes to reach more users and use the popular hashtag

How to get verified

Visit your profile, select profile settings and click verification in the menu
Please follow prompts carefully in that page, you have to submit a video of you holding any national id card or any document with your name on it. Even an old exam paper with your name will do. All we want is anything with your name on it. Verifications are processed

12:00pm GMT Wednesdays and Saturdays

You will need 100+ followers before we consider your verification request and at least be active on Buzz Chat for 16 days