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02 October, 05:31
It’s Manchester Derby 🔥

Who wins??

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02 October, 05:30
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02 October, 05:29
Bernardo was everywhere! 🐝
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02 October, 05:28
Make a date today at 8pm make we discuss creating wealth. Link below 👇
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02 October, 05:27
Man can’t spell believe 😭😭😭😭
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02 October, 05:27
Hi 💖💞💓
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02 October, 05:26
I love you Dad♥️
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02 October, 05:25
If Haaland gets one shot on target call me Salamatu 👍
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02 October, 05:22
Happy Nigerian Independence Day 🇳🇬
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02 October, 05:21
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02 October, 05:21
It's ready and about to go down. Me and my ancestors invite you all🙂. I love food 😋😁❤️
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02 October, 05:20
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02 October, 05:19
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02 October, 05:19
On today’s episode of #TheDayShow , The Sewing Teacher - Val Charity tells us about her charity project and how she started. Today, she travels around the country providing school uniforms, shoes and other educational materials for underprivileged kids.
#Spotlight 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
New Season of #TheDayShow is still airing on tv3_ghana
📸: benzilla_clicks
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02 October, 05:18
12-year-old boy gains admission to US university, set to become a Computer Scientist
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02 October, 05:17
Always do good , you may never know.
Meet the wife of the gospel musician Akesse Brempong.
I was walking to church when I heard a car making noise n creating scene from behind like it’s scratching the floor so I turned and noticed the “car under” was sweeping the road. I stopped the car and notified the driver and parked.. I got closer and she told me, she’s aware and On her way, she fell into a pothole n that has caused that, but she’s looking for a mechanic nearby since her own mechanic is not around. I checked n it was something metallic (I think the engine splash cover/shield or so ). My bro and I helped in removing it entirely so that when she finally get a mechanic , they can fix back.
It was after we finished this, she thanked me n took my number.. I asked of her name n she said Madam Benedicta Akesse Brempong n I asked her if she’s related to the musician and she said ,That’s my husband 😳😳😳I was screaming coz I never knew or dreamt of meeting her in person.
Lemme use her husband’s own lyrics, God is working, He’s up to something, I may not see it but still I’m trusting….…
From what just’s either, I will become a gospel musician or mechanic..
Lord speak now.. your son hearth
What God cannot do does not exist.. Alpharian 🔥🔥
I’m not sure, I can make it to church again.. bought some fan milk and bofloat.. I’m chilling
I will go for evening service tonight 🔥🔥🔥