Mary Abila @Mary
25 November, 08:53
Please can become his Boaz in Jesus's name
Mary Abila @Mary
25 November, 08:45
Am pleading people of Ghana please help this 18 year old boy by helping him share this app to fulfill his dream. I beg you people of Ghana.
Mary Abila @Mary
25 November, 08:31
This app has helped me in so many way
Frederick K. Abila @fred
25 November, 07:40
I’m watching.
Mary Abila @Mary
21 November, 07:56
Hi people of buzz chart group vote for my brother Frederick
Mary Abila @Mary
21 November, 07:55
Rabiuzacky @Rabiuzacky
21 November, 03:43
Senegal 🇸🇳 vs Netherland
Both team to score
smb_twist Official @Smb_Twist
17 November, 04:33
Feeling Verificacious
Frederick K. Abila @fred
17 November, 12:47
Comment if you’ve made an impact on Buzz chat
Ezekiel olasty @Olasty22
09 November, 06:11
I think I'm getting a mutual friend
Mary Abila @Mary
08 November, 09:17
Son ❤️
Ezekiel olasty @Olasty22
08 November, 08:51
Barcelona please we are toping the league table for Christ Sake 😞😞😞
Akwasi Appiah @Tripkkk
03 November, 02:36
The level of anger and frustration I see on peoples faces in town today is on a different level o
Akwasi Appiah @Tripkkk
03 November, 05:47
I mean there’s nothing wrong with being happy one minute and your the next. I think that’s life; unpredictable 🤷🏿
Frederick K. Abila @fred
03 November, 07:45
😓😓Feeling down🫥
Mary Abila @Mary
01 November, 06:31
Baby coming soon
Mary Abila @Mary
03 October, 07:13
Abila Apale @Chris
02 October, 11:34
Having great experience here
Frederick K. Abila @fred
01 October, 09:45
Mary Abila @Mary
29 September, 07:49
Frederick K. Abila @fred
29 September, 01:56
Hi everyone. What’s your say on our new theme
Mary Abila @Mary
18 April, 10:20 (Edited)
Jesus is risen
Mary Abila @Mary
17 April, 09:43
Gayson Rockefeller @Gayson
17 April, 07:22
Kobby Kobby @Kobby_dev
17 April, 08:13 (Edited)
Feels great to be older, Happy Brithday to the persons that lives in me 🙏🏽🥂🎂🎊
Wellington Sousa @Well12
17 April, 02:19
Oi 😎
Afia Dimple @AfiaDimple
17 April, 12:54
Hi 👋
Lynn @Lynn
19 June, 12:42