Rabiuzacky @Rabiuzacky
21 November, 03:43
Senegal 🇸🇳 vs Netherland
Both team to score
Rabiuzacky @Rabiuzacky
20 November, 10:21
Qatar Vs Equador
Both team to score
Rabiuzacky @Rabiuzacky
20 November, 10:20
hello Friends, any panthers around?
Y’all should make me your plug for betting tips this World Cup.
Rabiuzacky @Rabiuzacky
17 November, 04:46
Dear Nigerians, you are playing tonight against one of our opponent in the World Cup. We know we beat you to qualify but as brothers please do just this one thing for us and we go let you rent the World Cup for sometime( if we win). Pleas break the legs of Portugal 🇵🇹 players for us. Thank you in advance
Rabiuzacky @Rabiuzacky
09 November, 09:51
Sadio Mane set to miss the World Cup due to injury😓#Qatar2022
Frederick K. Abila @fred
08 November, 05:32
If you’re using web, follow this to get app
IOS users the name is Buzz Chat Lite on AppStore. It’s new so discoverability is low now. If you type Buzz Chat in AppStore you won’t find it. Type Buzz Chat Lite.

Android users currently it’s not on play store. It was removed to be reuploaded in a few months.
Use this link to download on Android

Rabiuzacky @Rabiuzacky
08 November, 06:55
Enigma Album-Wendy Shay

All the same day 🔥 🔥
Rabiuzacky @Rabiuzacky
08 November, 12:45
Real friends are like stars 🌟. They will always be around you during the dark
Rabiuzacky @Rabiuzacky
08 November, 10:41
Why is it that anytime you get a new gf, then the old ones that ignored you start giving you attention?🤨