Onyedikachi Chris Izuegbunem @Slim_Chris
27 November, 04:39
Modern way herbal Clinic @modern
18 November, 02:54
Kwamegoesnuts ``` @Kwamegoesnuts
18 November, 02:52
Onyedikachi Chris Izuegbunem @Slim_Chris
15 November, 10:45
Ayo Silas @Ayosilas
13 November, 01:35
smb_twist Official
11 November, 08:11
I wish I was a girl. Free drinks, free food, free vacations and free money just for screaming ashii aahh owwhh.
smb_twist Official @Smb_Twist
11 November, 08:11
Frederick K. Abila @fred
10 November, 11:18 (Edited)
I dream of a day when Ghana will rise up to stand again the adversaries of Western influence. Can we for once depend on our resources solely. We have great minds in Africa yet we still decide to run to the outside world only because we see and cherish them as gods.

In actual sense they’re humans like us. We were not born different. The only thing they have that we don’t is development. Have you thought about why they colonized us. Why didn’t we have the upper hand. Why wasn’t it the other way round, blacks colonizing whites. This is because we value them as gods. Why do we even still believe Jesus was a white.

I think it’s now time to step down from their rule. What’s independence if we purely depend on their resources. We even have to ship in foodstuff from abroad even though we also have soil for planting. Currently, I don’t believe Ghana is independent. Independence to me is a ponzu scheme to make Ghanaians feel like we aren’t being ruled but in actual sense they’re ruling us virtually. Through our leaders.

Ghana has existed for decades but we’re still not developing as we’re supposed to. Mainly because we’re waiting for directives from the white to act out. Why do Ghanaian prefer to do menial jobs like cleaning just to secure the fact that it would help them go abroad. A well built gentleman or lady with a masters degree traveling abroad to babysit a 90 year old lady all in the name of living abroad. Is this not slavery?

I’ve used up my edit limit. Sorry for any in
smb_twist Official @Smb_Twist
10 November, 08:45
Bilasmog @Bilasmog
10 November, 07:24
Richmond Setrana @richmond_setrana
09 November, 07:18
Akob Cubin @akobcubin1
08 November, 12:40
Izzat El-Khawaja @Izzy
05 November, 08:52
Frederick K. Abila @fred
02 October, 06:18
Free Buzz @Freebuzz
02 October, 05:21

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