smb_twist Official @Smb_Twist
3 days ago
I am done with Ghanaian movies 🙄🙄
40yrs later and the family dog is still alive😏😏😏
Onyedikachi Chris Izuegbunem @Slim_Chris
2 months ago
This is what happens when you watch too much Bollywood movies and Chinese movies 🤣🤣
Nana Kwesi @blakkdee
2 months ago
Latest #movies guys to download and watch. Need suggestions asap
Naija Trend @naijatrendorg
2 months ago
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Naija Trend @naijatrendorg
2 months ago
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Modern way herbal Clinic @modern
2 months ago
Sometimes watch comedy movies and laugh 😂 it is very good for your health
Frederick Abila @fred
3 months ago
Any movies please
Communities for Buzz Chat @bchatcommunity
3 months ago (E)
Hello Buzz Chat,
It’s wonderful and it’s here on Buzz Chat. Community Creation. It’s very easy🎉
Create a community and build your own fan base and connections.

Follow these general steps and create your first community now.
1. Your community is defined by _cm(community). Append this to make your profile a community.
(Example: Makeup_cm, Talkshow_cm)
2. You must set your Gender to they or Other.
3. Your community must not use a personal Gmail account, rather a community mailing account. (Example: [email protected]❌ rather use [email protected]✅)
4. Your community should be authentic and have a general topic.
5. The purpose of your community should be stated clearly in your description.

Good luck everyone and happy community creation.
PS: Your community will be deleted if these general steps are not followed🐝
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