Frederick K. Abila @fred
21 November, 03:18
There’s been changes in our terms of use and verification policy.

On Buzz Chat there are sanctions for scammers. Visit the terms of use page to learn more >>>>>
Frederick K. Abila @fred
20 November, 04:48
Who else has noticed that I’ve got a different verification badge
Verified @Verified
18 November, 12:09
“verification’ not “VERIFICATION”
Verified @Verified
18 November, 09:10
Kindly send us a dm when you are finding problems with the verification process
Onyedikachi Chris Izuegbunem @Slim_Chris
16 November, 01:06
Thank you BUZZ-CHAT CEO for the verification 🙏😊
I am now officially verified 🥰

Thank you too all the Buzzers in the house 🙌🙌

Love you all 🥰😊
Onyedikachi Chris Izuegbunem @Slim_Chris
14 November, 06:06
Good morning CEO of Buzz-Chat and all Buzzers 🌅🌄

CEO of Buzz Chat. Please kindly VERIFY my ACCOUNT and give me a BLUE VERIFICATION TICK MARK 🙏🙏

Thank you.
Albertino Walter @Albertinowalter117
13 November, 11:18
Let make this application go viral and more verification should be giving out
Frederick K. Abila @fred
12 November, 09:35
It’s logical and understanding. No app will offer you legacy verification for having 10 followers. You should understand that patience is a virtue. You’ll get there soon🕐
Verified @Verified
12 November, 08:29
Please take note
Requirements for verification is 100+ followers
And user should have been active for 30+ days

Thank you👍
Salat Ali @Salat
12 November, 09:15
Ezekiel olasty @Olasty22
12 November, 06:58
I think I like this verification badge 😘😘😘
Kwamegoesnuts ``` @Kwamegoesnuts
12 November, 05:43
Elon Musk norr he smart oo. Even after verification koraa you get exposed for not being a public figure.
Frederick K. Abila @fred
12 November, 04:50
Verification badge fixed. If you were experiencing badge issues as in the badge was showing far away from your name it has been fixed now. If you’re not seeing changes now you will in a few hours
Frederick K. Abila @fred
11 November, 10:07
Can’t settle for the color of a verification badge. It seems yellow looks too bright to the eye and isn’t well noticed. Any color suggestions
Frederick K. Abila @fred
11 November, 03:43
New charges for Buzz Chat verification. Check comments below for prices
Ezekiel olasty @Olasty22
08 November, 07:37
SMB twist deserve verification.. Mann is constant💯🙏
Richmond Setrana @richmond_setrana
08 November, 11:56
I had an interview with the founder of Buzz Chat, @fred . He delved into what made him develop the app and the challenges he faced. Have a listen.

Frederick K. Abila @fred
08 November, 11:05
Will be working on help center (In the menu) in a bit. I’ll answer all questions.

FAQ #1
How do I get verified.
You are a new user and you want to get verified, it is not possible. Verification is only after you have hit 100+ connections and at least have been active for the last 30 days. New users should focus on growing their accounts and usage here.

On Buzz Chat the verification badge doesn’t mean your popular or a celebrity, it only means you’re an authentic user we can account for and we trust you not to mislead others.
Verified @Verified
03 November, 02:10
You’re doing it all wrong. In the verification section, it asks of a video of you with any verifiable document such as an ID, Passport or any document that bears your real name.
If you submit a video of yourself without any of those documents, you won’t be verified.

Bruce Jnr @Bjnr
29 October, 12:36
So how does the verification work 🥲
Verified @Verified
06 May, 03:30
Verification still ongoing. Best catch up before its to late.

Visit profile settings and drop a request, we are here to review.😊❤️

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