Afia Dimple @AfiaDimple
28 October, 08:44
Still the same boring place ..😤
Frederick K. Abila @fred
If you would listen I could explain that I’m an shs graduate. I was in school and couldn’t maintain this so I lost lots of users. Those who knew it from the beginning you could ask them how awesome this place was. Please bear with us and let’s help invite more users
08:49 PM - Oct 28, 2022
In response Afia Dimple to her BUZZ
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HiCool @HiCool
13 November, 11:36
In response Frederick K. Abila to his BUZZ
You need an App seriously
Frederick K. Abila @fred
13 November, 02:57
In response HiCool to his BUZZ
There is an app already. For both android and iOS